One to one or Group therapy

Drama and movement therapy can be a long or short-term intervention, and be had on one to one basis or as part of a group, depending on need. A one to one session will generally be about 50 minutes, while a group may be up to an hour or longer. Sessions are confidential and no previous experience of drama is required. The process is the important part for these sessions, rather than the product.

Who can it help?

Drama and movement therapy can benefit anyone. Give Space has experience supporting:

  • children

  • young people

  • adults 

  • older adults

  • people with dementia

  • people who suffer from addiction 

  • people with acute mental illness

  • people suffering from eating disorders


How can it help?

People will seek therapy for many different reasons. Drama and movement therapy uses an indirect approach through creative mediums which often feels less exposing and in turn safer to explore and discuss difficult topics. It can be helpful for a variety of reasons including:

  • building self esteem

  • reducing anxiety

  • nurturing positive wellbeing

  • communication 

  • building resilience 

  • understanding and managing emotions

  • addressing trauma


Currently Give Space work in partnership with other organisations to offer their services, and do not provide private practice sessions. If you would like to hear more about therapy sessions with Give Space please do not hesitate to get in touch.