Our Approach

Give Space is passionate about the importance of mental health and emotional well-being, providing therapy that is bespoke to best meet individual's needs. Our practice is informed by our collective years of  front line work experiences within the public and private mental health sector. This has contributed to Give Space's dedication to work in a holistic and empathetic way, with a person-centred approach. 

Give Space are dedicated to working empathetically with a person centred and non-judgemental approach, working reflectively and delivering interventions best placed to meet the needs of people we work with. Click here to see how Give Space can benefit you or someone you care about. Uniquely, our collective years of experience include significant work within inpatient acute mental health wards, forensic settings and with 'at risk' youths, meaning we specialise in supporting those with severe mental health and social emotional needs, who exhibit challenging behaviour. This wealth of experience alongside the versatility of drama and movement therapy means we are especially well placed to unlock hard to reach clients who previously have not engaged with therapeutic or other support services.

We deliver both independently or in partnership depending on client need. Being a team means we have the capacity to operate within existing institutions in a more independent way whilst also providing opportunities for regular collaboration with other services, professionals and multidisciplinary teams. Being a team also allows us to reach a wider client group. We believe offering our services in this way is a crucial part of what sets Give Space apart. Give Space welcomes conversations around what you or your clients' needs are and how we can work together in a bespoke way to help support those needs. We want to bring high quality services, with a flexible approach to meet your personal or institutional needs.